Here at Model Hobby we like to offer a service that is second to none. 
Royal Mail and FedEx are used for all our deliveries.

We will do our best to ship same day..
*Please be aware that international shipping may cost more to cover insurance and tracking on your items*


Delivery prices are as follows:


Amount Spent

Delivery Cost

£0.00 - £19.99 £3.95
£20.00 - £39.99 £5.75
£40.00 - £59.99 £6.95
£60.00 - £79.99 £8.95
£80.00 - £89.99 £10.75
                                    Fuel Can be couriered however there will be a £7.00 charge for this, no FREE delivery
Spend over £90 and get delivery absolutely free!

                                Shop Opening Times

SHOP Showroom  + track Closed until further notice
while covid in place

Monday               9.30am  to 4.00pm
Tuesday                9.30am  to  4.00pm
Wednesday                      Closed          
Thursday             9.45am   to  4.30pm
Friday                  9.45am  to 5.00pm
Saturday                CLOSED
April 1st to end of October Saturdays we will close at 12pm due to racing, come and join us!

24hr answer phone (with remote access) or e.mail us...